April 27, 2020
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Dan’s Daily Wine Journal post

Dan’s Daily Wine Journal post  
June 8, 2018
Wine Tasting Events Call Out

Tastings at Napa Valley Wine Academy

I’ve “teamed up” with Napa Valley Wine Academy to present tastings on the first and third Thursdays of each month, starting in August. Education and enjoyment go hand-in-hand in these tastings. They are geared toward both wine-students and the casual, curious wine drinker. We want you to learn a little and definitely have a good time. Tastings are $30/person in advance, and $15 for Members of Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor. Not a member? JOIN HERE. Tastings are limited to 30 guests. Buy in advance to insure your spot. Tickets can be purchased soon at Napa Valley Wine Academy’s Website. CALENDAR […]