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June 2018

Here is my June list of recommendations. 58 wines for you to scroll through, stop as you wish, click and read. On each review page, please notice the “Where to Buy” link to lead you toward finding, buying and enjoying this wine. MEMBERS: be my guest to contact me for a little extra help in locating a wine that I recommend and you want. I’ll do my best to help, but keep in mind it may involve shipping to you. And remember that the more you want (a case is ideal), the easier it is to connect you with a seller near you.

Please utilize the filter buttons below as they put wines into categories.

In addition to the self-explanatory buttons, I’ve included a “SUMMER SELECTIONS” button for ideal warm weather, al fresco drinking, and the “BE HIP” button is for wines that steer away from mainstream grapes or regions or styles. Please enjoy.

For all my Rosé recommendations GO HERE. I’m available to all readers if you have any questions. Use the contact link above. Thanks a million!  Dan Dawson

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