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October 2018

Members and regular readers of This Month’s List will notice a difference in my October list. There are 24 wines, almost all domestic, and each wine is part of a larger group from its winery. This list plays to my differentiation as a wine critic. I’m a Wine Country guy. I live here, have worked here for many years, and I either know our small, wonderful wineries or can get to know them well in less than a day. I taste with them then review, rate and recommend the wines you should enjoy. In conjunction, you will find more stories about the wineries from me in my Blog section.

The featured wineries on my October list are Cornerstone, Neyers, David Clinton, Skyhook/Bodega Rancho, Green & Red, Shane and Wilson Foreigner. All my wine reviews link over to the winery website where you can buy these wines. Members, please email me if you have any questions. Happy to help. (Become a member HERE.)


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