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September 2018

I have 45 recommendations for you this month. About 2/3rd of them are domestic. 1/3rd are under $30/bottle. I have no vested interest in these recommendations. In other words, I’m not selling them. I do lead you down the path to purchase with my “Where To Buy” link. It is often the winery I send you to. Sometimes it takes you WineSearcher, particularly on the imports. I do make sure that all the wines I recommend are available for retail purchase in California (one notable exception in this month’s list-see if you can find it).

I have two unique filter buttons. 1) Mountain Wines: 10 of my 45 picks come from mountain vineyards, and they taste like it. 2) The Five Cs: I give you multiple wine recs from the well-established Cornerstone, Cuvaison plus three micro-production wineries: Camino, Communication Block and Chiron. There’s so much good wine out there. I wouldn’t say my gutty list of 45 is the be-all and end-all. But it’s close :-). Enjoy reading. And remember, if you want to know what’s the right wine for your palate or your situation, a DDWA Membership is all you need to ask me directly.

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