April 2019

April 1 as I write and it’s still code and wet outside. I’m a spoiled weather brat I know, but I want my warm sunny weather. My garden wants it to. Crazy spring. I tell you, the dry farmed vines will not be pining for water in 2019. Here’s my updated “This Month’s List” and my new wine recommendations. Use this list to make your  next few wine purchases and you can not go wrong. It’s a dynamic list, meaning instead of a brand new list of wines published each month, I continually add to it and remove wines the beginning of reach month. Keep in mind that you can use the search box to find particular grapes, or regions, or wineries.

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    Wine Label & NameScoreRetail PriceValue RatingWine FactorValue Category
    Ackerman Alaviagna ToscaACKERMAN FAMILY
    "Alavigna Tosca"
    Napa Valley 2015
    Alma de Cattleya Sauvignon BlancALMA de CATTLEYA
    Sauvignon Blanc
    Sonoma County 2018
    Altar Chardonnay Platt VineyardALTAR Chardonnay
    "Platt Vineyard"
    Sonoma Coast 2016
    Altar Chardonnay Sonoma CoastALTAR Chardonnay
    Sonoma Coast 2016
    89.54531.5Very Good
    Andrew Lane Barrel SelectANDREW LANE
    "Barrel Select" Red Blend
    Napa Valley 2012
    Anthill Farms Pinot Noir DemuthANTHILL FARMS Pinot Noir
    "Demuth Vineyard" Anderson Valley
    Mendocino 2016
    Apsara Cabernet AmoenusAPSARA Cabernet Sauvignon
    "Amoenus Vineyard"
    Napa Valley 2014
    Apsara ChardonnayAPSARA Chardonnay
    Oakville, Napa Valley 2016
    Apsara SyrahAPSARA Syrah
    "Las Madres Vineyard"
    Carneros 2015
    Kosuge Pinot Noir The ShopB KOSUGE Pinot Noir
    "The Shop" Carneros 2015
    91355.22Hall of Fame
    Beau Rivage Chenin BlancBEAU RIVAGE Chenin Blanc
    Clarksburg 2017
    90.5283.21Very Good
    Behrens Family Front ManBEHRENS FAMILY "Front Man"
    Napa Valley Red Wine 2015
    Behrens Head In The CloudsBEHRENS FAMILY Cabernet Sauvignon
    "Head In The Clouds"
    Napa Valley 2016
    Belharra Chardonnay The SearchBELHARRA Chardonnay
    "The Search" Knights Valley
    Sonoma County 2017
    89.53031Very Good
    Belharra Rose of SyrahBELHARRA Rose of Syrah
    Carneros, Sonoma County 2018
    Belharra Sauvignon BlancBELHARRA Sauvignon Blanc
    Napa Valley 2018
    Belharra Syrah Las MadresBELHARRA Syrah
    "Las Madres Vineyard" Carneros
    Sonoma County 2016
    North Coast 2016
    Benevolent Neglect RieslingBENEVOLENT NEGLECT Riesling
    "Nelson Family Vineyard"
    Mendocino 2017
    90283.21Very Good
    Benevolent Neglect RoseBENEVOLENT NEGLECT Rose
    California 2018
    Blacksmith CLRT CabernetBLACKSMITH Cabernet Sauvignon
    "C.L.R.T." Napa Valley 2016
    89255.31.5Hall of Fame
    Bluet Wild Blueberry Sparkling WineBLUET Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine
    Made in Maine
    Charmat Method
    Boheme Pinot Noir English HillBOHEME Pinot Noir
    "English Hill Vineyard"
    Sonoma Coast 2015
    94553.42Very Good
    Bucklin Ancient Field BlendBUCKLIN Ancient Field Blend
    "Old Hill Ranch"
    Sonoma Valley 2016
    Camino Cabernet SauvignonCAMINO Cabernet Sauvignon
    "Montecillo Vineyard" Moon Mountain
    Sonoma County 2016
    93603.12Very Good
    Camino ChardonnayCAMINO Chardonnay
    "Soberanes Vineyard"
    Santa Lucia Highlands 2016
    91423.31.5Very Good
    Camino Pinot NoirCAMINO Pinot Noir
    "Umino Vineyard" Sonoma Coast 2016
    89.5553.32Very Good
    Campesino Syrah Las MadresCAMPESINO CELLARS Syrah
    "Las Madres Vineyard"
    Los Carneros 2016
    91403.41.5Very Good
    Capiaux Pinot Noir ChimeraCapiaux Pinot Noir
    "Chimera" Russian River Valley
    Sonoma County 2016
    90.53031Very Good
    Cochon Syrah Cardiac HillCOCHON Syrah
    "Cardiac Hill Vineyard"
    Bennett Valley, Sonoma County 2015
    89403.31.5Very Good
    Cottanera Etna RossoCOTTANERA Etna Rosso
    "Diciassettesalme" 2016
    89293.11Very Good
    Dancing Crow Cabernet SauvignonDANCING CROW VINEYARDS
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Lake County 2017
    90245.61.5Hall of Fame
    Dancing Crow Sauvignon BlancDANCING CROW VINEYARDS
    Sauvignon Blanc
    Lake County 2017
    Cailbourdin Pouilly Fume Les CrisDomaine ALAIN CAILBOURDIN
    Pouilly Fume "Les Cris" 2017
    Evening Land Chardonnay Seven SpringsEVENING LAND Chardonnay
    "Seven Springs"
    Eola-Amity Hills 2016
    Evening Land Seven Springs Pinot NoirEVENING LAND Pinot Noir
    "Seven Springs"
    Eola-Amity Hills 2016
    92355.32Hall of Fame
    Gamba Zinfandel Family RanchesGAMBA Zinfandel
    "Family Ranches" Russian River Valley
    Sonoma County 2016
    89.5403.41.5Very Good
    Halcon Petite SirahHALCON Petite Sirah
    "Tierra" Yorkville Highlands
    Mendocino 2016
    Halcon Pinot Noir BearwallowHALCON Pinot Noir
    "Bearwallow Vineyard"
    Anderson Valley, Mendocino 2016
    Halcon Pinot Noir OppenlanderHALCON Pinot Noir
    "Oppenlander Vineyard"
    Mendocino 2016
    91355.22Hall of Fame
    Halcon Syrah AlturasHALCON Syrah
    "Alturas" Yorkville Highlands
    Mendocino 2016
    Hawley ViognierHAWLEY Viognier
    Sonoma County 2017
    893031Very Good
    Hawley ZinfandelHAWLEY Zinfandel
    "Old Vine"
    Mendocino County 2017
    Hogwash Rose 2018HOGWASH Rose
    California 2018
    Joseph Swan Pinot Noir Cuvee de TroisJOSEPH SWAN Pinot Noir
    "Cuvee de Trois"
    Russian River Valley, Sonoma County 2014
    903652Hall of Fame
    Lagier Meredith Syrah 2016LAGIER MEREDITH Syrah
    Mt Veeder, Napa Valley 2016
    Louis Cheze Saint Joseph Ro ReeLOUIS CHEZE Saint-Joseph
    "Ro Ree" 2016
    913031Very Good
    Luc Baudet Rive Droite 16LUC BAUDET Cotes du Rhone Blanc
    "Rive Droite" 2016
    Mardon QuincyDomaine MARDON Quincy
    "Cuvee Tres Vieilles Vignes" 2017
    Matthew Wallace Cabernet SauvignonMATTHEW WALLACE
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Napa Valley 2016
    92553.32Very Good
    Navarro Dry MuscatNAVARRO Dry Muscat
    Anderson Valley
    Mendocino 2017
    Navarro Pinot GrisNAVARRO Pinot Gris
    Anderson Valley
    Mendocino 2017
    Peirson Meyer MaquettePEIRSON MEYER "Maquette"
    Napa Valley Red Wine 2015
    93603.12Very Good
    Peirson Meyer Cabernet SauvignonPEIRSON MEYER
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Napa Valley 2015
    Peirson Meyer Pinot NoirPEIRSON MEYER Pinot Noir
    "Miller Vineyard" Russian River Valley
    Sonoma County 2015
    91543.42Very Good
    Planet Oregon Pinot NoirPLANET OREGON Pinot Noir
    Willamette Valley 2017
    Por Que No Red 15Por Que No? Red Wine
    Napa Valley 2015
    Ridge Geyserville 16RIDGE "Geyserville"
    Red Wine, Alexander Valley
    Sonoma County 2016
    Rogstad Pinot Noir Van der KampROGSTAD Pinot Noir
    "Van der Kamp Vineyard"
    Sonoma Mountain 2015
    Sidebar ZinfandelSIDEBAR Zinfandel
    "Old Vine" Russian River Valley
    Sonoma County 2016
    90283.21Very Good
    stellareese cabernet sauvignonSTELLAREESE Cabernet Sauvignon
    "Marcey's Vineyard"
    Calistoga, Napa Valley 2015
    93553.42Very Good
    Tres Sabores Petite Sirah 2012TRES SABORES Petite Sirah
    "Guarino Vineyard" Calistoga
    Napa Valley 2012
    93453.11.5Very Good
    Tres Sabores RoseTRES SABORES Rosé
    "Ingrid & Julia"
    Napa Valley 2018
    893031Very Good
    Tres Sabores ZinfandelTRES SABORES Zinfandel
    "Estate" Rutherford
    Napa Valley 2016
    Trimbach Riesling AlsaceTRIMBACH Riesling
    Alsace 2015
    Trinafour CarignaneTRINAFOUR Carignane
    "Niemi Vineyard"
    Mendocino 2015