TONI JOST Spatburgunder 2010
Trocken, Rheingau 2010

TONI JOST Spatburgunder 2010

Trocken, Rheingau 2010
Toni Jost Spatburgunder
Retail Price: $22
DDWA Score: 86
Value Rating: 3.9
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: October 4, 2022
Where to Buy:

Toni Jost, a well-known Mittelrhein Riesling producer, makes Rheingau Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) too. It’s warmer on the Rheingau overall, making Spat more successful. Light color, and full of spice, dry herbs and earth. That said, this wine also delivers the fruit: maraschino cherry, plum sauce and cranberry sauce (I’m guessing it took a few years for the fruit to “come around.”). A cool-climate, dried citrus and flower “tang” hits you at the end. Unique and tasty for those initiated in Spatburgunder. And you can’t argue with the price!

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