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April 2, 2019
Tres Sabores Petite Sirah 2012
Tres Sabores Petite Sirah 2012
April 2, 2019

TRES SABORES Zinfandel  "Estate" Rutherford  Napa Valley 2016

Retail Price: $50

Value Rating: 2.7

Wine Factor: 1.5
Date Posted: April 2, 2019
Cases Produced:

Scores & Value Ratings Explained

DDWA Score: 91.5

Good Value

From Tres Sabores‘ Rutherford Bench vineyard. Dry farmed, organic (biodynamic practices) vineyards nestled among the flora and fauna of their bio-diverse property (it’s a fantastic place to visit, by the way). Silky, elegant, balanced, beautiful Zinfandel, showing bright wild red berry and cherry flavors, pomegranate, blood orange, coriander and white pepper smells and flavors. This briar-y, long, complex and elegant Zinfandel is neither light nor big. Frankly, to my taste it is just right.

It’s hard to defend a wine’s style without sending, well, defensive. Or worse in the realm of wine, snobby. It’s easy to say, “this is how X grape is supposed to taste,” which gets you nowhere. To the point of the Tres Sabores Zin. It’s not a “Big Zin,” which are popular and can be very delicious. It’s about elegance and layers of flavor. All styles, done well, are great. It’s about preference.

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