VILLA VARDA Friulano 2017
Friuli 2017

VILLA VARDA Friulano 2017

Friuli 2017
Villa Varda Friulano
Retail Price: $16
DDWA Score: 88
Value Rating: 2.8
Good Value
Wine Factor: 0.5
Date Posted: September 4, 2018

A native grape to Friuli, Friulano flourishes next to the better known, better-selling Pinot Grigio grape (Villa Varda also makes a delicious Pinot Grigio for about the same price, by the way). Zippy and earthy (in a crushed white rock kind of way), the Villa Varda Friulano brings together a bright, citrus-driven fruitiness and a chalky, mineral-y earthy character. Wound up to the point of being austere, it is almost too much so. Almost, that is, as the orchard fruit, Eureka lemon and grapefruit flavors “pop” on the mid-palate. This is a really nice match with fresh goat and sheep milks cheeses, salumi and prosciutto-wrapped grilled shrimp.


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