VILLA VARDA Friuli Grave – Refosco 2016
Refosco 2016

VILLA VARDA Friuli Grave – Refosco 2016

Refosco 2016
Villa Varda Refosco
Retail Price: $17
DDWA Score: 89
Value Rating: 5.2
Hall of Fame Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: December 4, 2018

Starts out with aromas of brambly berries (black and raspberries), anise, black pepper and rosemary. Taste is more of the same with no one flavor dominating the others. Summertime berries, rosemary/thyme, peppercorns and black truffle. All lightly polished by gentle winemaking and brief time in barrel. Reminds me of high quality Côtes du Rhône (which admittedly is a personal favorite). I was really taken by this wine regardless of price. Then to see it sells in the mid-teens – crazy.


Villa Varda is an Estate vineyard at the base of The Alps in the upper right corner of Italy. The property has a centuries-old tradition of viticulture, however the current owners/caretakers of the land are new (2012 was the first vintage under their watch).
Refosco, a red grape native to Friuli and neighbor regions (Veneto included), is known to make a firm, rustic red wine meant to age and for hearty meat dishes. This is a more polished representation of Refosco, so while it will not necessarily the best teaching example of the grape, it is pure, delicious and a great value.

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