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Wine Advisor Service In Living Color

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Here’s an email correspondence between me and DDWA Member Kurt Zenz House. This is a shining example of the wine advisor services I offer my members. Notice I include some recipe changes to make the wines shine. I do this because I like to!

If you’re a member, please don’t hesitate in asking me for such assistance. If you’re not a member, consider joining to receive one-on-one insight.


Hi Dan,
Can you recommend a few wines to pair with roasted salmon with lemon risotto?
Many thanks,

Sure!  Specific wines or grapes and styles? Are you making it?

Specific wines….yes, we are cooking!

Free wine advice from a former Napa wine shop owner & sommelier


I’ll start stylistically since my recommendations may not be easy for you to acquire on time.

Roast Salmon = Cool/cooler climate Pinot Noir (Burgundy, Oregon, Anderson Valley, Sonoma Coast, Santa Rita Hills)

Lemon Risotto = Burgundian style Chardonnay (Burgundy, Sonoma Coast, Anderson Valley)

To bridge the gap, I would serve a lemon butter sauce and roast hazelnuts with the salmon (for all Chardonnay), or switch to a wild mushroom risotto and use some Pinot Noir into the liquid for Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir Recommendations

Navarro “Methode l’Ancienne Unfiltered” 2014 ($35)  “Hall of Fame Value” on DDWA. Order today from Navarro, you could have it Tuesday. Link to Navarro

Vivier Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2016 $38  (haven’t had the ‘16s yet…always very good)

Domaine DUREUIL-JANTHIAL  Rully “En Guesnes” 2015
May or may not still be available. I’d refer you to my friend who runs the North Berkeley retail store if you’re interested. (He lives in Napa so complimentary delivery is often available if you’re not in a rush.)

Chardonnay Recommendations

BOHEME Chardonnay  “English Hill Vineyard – 10th Anniversary”  Sonoma Coast 2014 $49 
(I’ll check if a DDWA discount is available to you if you’re interested)

BUISSON CHARLES Meursault  “Vieilles Vignes” 2015 
($72 – I see on winesearcher there are two stores in SoCal that say they carry it)

If you want to keep it local, White Rock Chardonnay, Napa Valley is a low-ML, fresh style. You could buy some from the winery and get it today. $35-40/bottle. I think they’re selling their 2016 buy might have some back vintage. They’re up Soda Canyon Road, on Loma Vista.

Also fun for this dish:

SOTER Sparkling Wine  Brut Rose “Mineral Springs”  Eola-Amity Hills 2014

Hope this helps! DanNavarro Pinot Noir
Awesome!  Fantastic recommendations!
Dawson’s Wine Advisor is the best!



Have you had your Salmon dinner? If so, got a recap?

We sure did! Here is my recap: 
Many thanks Dan for the fantastic recommendations!  Based on your recommendation, and on our affinity for DDWA Hall of Fame wines, we decided to go with the Navarro “Methode l’Ancienne Unfiltered” 2014 ($35)  “Hall of Fame Value” on DDWA.  We made pan roasted salmon with thinly sliced almonds and meyer lemon risotto.  The Navarro pinot was a thrilling match; its nose of ‘holiday spices’ and ‘cherry preserves’ were a rich compliment to our nutty and fruit flavored dish. There is no way that we would have been able to find such a perfect without DDWA!!! 

Tres Sabores Rose

Also, I would really like to order six bottles of Por Que No? Red. What’s the next step to get the special DDWA member price?
Hi Kurt, that’s great. Thank you!

I’ll make an email introduction between you and Julie Johnson of Tres Sabores for 6 PQNs (as we call it). She will suggest you pick up at the winery. I strongly recommend you make a date to do this as it’s a beautiful place. If you can attend during one of their events all the better. And kids & dogs are welcome.


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