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WineFashionista/DDWA Collaboration

Mary Orlin at Cote Rotie
“Always a thoughtful and poetic authority on wines, we look forward to any opportunity we get to hear from Mary, the WineFashionista.”

Writing can be a lonely road sometimes. Sure, as a wine writer there’s the great food & wine, the amazing scenery, interesting people, backstage passes and Papal visits, but most of the time is with a keyboard and a simple glass of Premier Cru Burgundy (not even Grand Cru). How nice it would be to have a wine writing colleague!

Great news. You don’t have to feel sorry for me anymore. Introducing Mary Orlin, the WineFashionista, world-class, professional wine & food writer.

Time to be somewhat serious. 

With pleasure, I am collaborating with Mary Orlin, the WineFashionista, on wine reviews, gustatory writings and travel experiences. 

Mary “discovered” Back Room Wines, the Napa wine shop I launched and ran 2002-2017, in the shop’s early days. For years she liked my wine selection and I liked her prose and production (Editor of The Mercury News and Creator of NBC’s “In Wine Country” just to name a couple of her accomplishments.) We’ve had a relationship of mutual respect.

Our new projects, WineFashionista and Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor, line up in their growth curves and are conveniently different. For all the reasons I’ve mentioned, we’ve decided to collaborate on wine reviews, stories and travels along the wine road. In Mary’s words,  we are “like having your own personal wine sommeliers. We’re here to make wine fun and help you discover wines that you will love.”

 WineFashionista presence on Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor will be served in a couple of (few) ways:Mary Orlin and barrels

  1. WineFashionista x DDWA Wine Grid, a joint list of wine recommendations.
  2. WineFashionista Wine, Food and Travel Articles endorsed and posted on the DDWA Blog Page. 
  3. Tasting events co-produced by WineFashionista and Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor. (DDWA Members Priority & Discount Passes)

Please take a few minutes to peruse WineFashionista.com, particularly
Mary’s view of our collaboration

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Dan Dawson

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