Y ROUSSEAU Tannat “The Musketeer” 2013
“Alder Springs Vineyard”
Mendocino 2013

Y ROUSSEAU Tannat “The Musketeer” 2013

“Alder Springs Vineyard”
Mendocino 2013
Y Rousseau Tannat Musketeer
Retail Price: $65
DDWA Score: 91
Value Rating: 2.1
Good Value
Wine Factor: 1.5
Date Posted: October 4, 2022
Cases Produced: 235
Where to Buy:
Y Rousseau Winery

You won’t happen upon high end Tannat every day. Napa’s Yannick Rousseau specializes in it, Reason One is he’s from the grape’s homeland: Gascony. (More about this in the next paragraph.) This 100% Tannat from the slightly mystical “Alder Springs Vineyard” in northwest Mendocino County is impressive. 85% new French oak aged makes for sweet, sexy barrel aromas. Not too much barrel, though, as deep dark raspberry and blueberry fruits hit the palate along with black licorice, dry-aged beef and bittersweet chocolate. This is a powerful, rich wine with fine tannins and a 25 second finish. Eat as d’Artagnan would with this wine: game meats, leg of lamb or roast duck. I know, I know it’s hard to convince the wine loving public to indulge in a $65 Mendocino County Tannat without tasting it. Well then, make a visit to Y Rousseau for a tasting and decide for yourself!

More Information

Owner/Winemaker Yannick Rousseau was born and raised near Madiran, the Gascony, France village and appellation that grows predominantly Tannat for Madiran wine and Colombard wine for Armagnac (and a little still wine too).  Yannick is a skilled, thoughtful winemaker who is equally interested in making soulful, honest and delicious wines. You can also be assured that a Y Rousseau wine will give you your money’s worth.

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